The Delaware Nation

The Delaware Nation

Today, the Delaware Nation follows out heritage and works closely with the federal government of the United States. Delaware Nation has companies under the DNI (Delaware Nation Industries) umbrella that are experienced in providing Solutions for federal government customers that exceed expectations and meet mission requirements


The History of
the Delaware Nation

We, the Delaware Nation, whose aboriginal name is Lenape or Lenni-Lenape, also known as the Grandfathers, is the oldest known nation in the Northern Hemisphere, aboriginally inhabiting the Eastern Seaboard of north America. Lenape was the first indigenous Nation to sign treaty with the United States of America. The Delaware people have a long and ancient history. They are the descendants of the Lenape people originally located in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. They refer to themselves as the Lenni-Lenape. Their language belongs to the Eastern branch of Algonquian languages and is closely related to east coast languages such as Powhatan, Mohican, and Massachusetts. Traditional history of the Lenape people was recorded on notch sticks called the Walum-Olum. It dictates that by the time of European contact they were in the Eastern United States. A probably explanation to why other tribes called them the “Grandfathers.”

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