DNI HG is a Delaware Nation Investments (DNI) joint venture (JV) between DNI Emerging Technologies, LLC (DNI-ET) and HelloGov, LLC (HG). DNI HG is a tribally-owned small business and an Indian Economic Enterprise (IEE/ISBEE) prime contractor. Through our corporate ownership by the Delaware Nation, we provide outstanding corporate experience, capabilities, and past performance that is relevant to our customers.

DNI HG is a domain-driven, customer centric, and fast-growing federal tech company born out of the MIT Social Genome Project. Our mission is to build the nation’s leading federal AI company while democratizing Government access to artificial intelligence. We provide end-to-end Enterprise AI services that automate and accelerate the entire data preparation cycle, from data labeling to modeling, customizing production pipelines to rapid AI-enabled application development, and AI Consultancy.


Our Mission

DNI HG has deployed Machine Learning for SCRM using the ADR principles in conjunction with NIST SP 800-161 that can align to meet the needs of the solicitation. This is particularly relevant to DHS’ reference for access to emerging technological advances and new business practices that increase productivity, efficiency, and/or reduce costs. Through a Shared Services Business Model, DNI HG leverages expertise and a proven Quality Management System (QMS) across all Delaware Nation companies.

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2000 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 1650
Oklahoma City, OK 73106