Delaware Nation Investments is a wholly-owned tribal organization located in Oklahoma. DNI offers a wide range of business growth strategies by combining our tribal advantages with your industry acumen. Whether you’re a small or large business, we can help you reach success. We are a TRUSTED PARTNER dedicated to serving you and your team!


Delaware Nation Investments’ (DNI) core competency is responding to consumers and businesses who ask to be called from digital advertising. Related services include Warm Transfers, Customer Retention and Lead Management.

We are also a highly skilled team of Data Scientists and Cyber Engineers, solving the U.S. Government’s structured data problems through rapid development and a blockchain-powered ecosystem that provides enterprise grade cybersecurity and data solutions. We are a mission-driven organization, delivering disruptive data-first products and services exclusively to U.S. Government Enterprises.

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Warm Transfers

Let us warm up your leads! When a consumer makes an inquiry about the product you are offering, Channel Blend will respond immediately to qualify, warm up, and transfer them directly to your sales staff! We deal with the voicemails, initial call backs, busy signals, and non-qualified leads. Let us handle the leg work so you can increase your efficiencies!

Customer Retention

We can prioritize your different leads and sources! We can customize our dialing systems to start with your most valuable leads first and then work down to the least valuable leads. We can offer custom reporting in formats that work with your systems to give you visibility on performance and economics to help you get the most for your dollar!

Lead Management

Let us retain your customers! When your customers sign up for a service or a type of product, we can follow up with them to make sure they are satisfied and have a quality experience! From basic touchpoints to advanced call scheduling based upon churn statistics, we can contact your customers at the right time to make sure they are guided down the path of happiness!

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Read some of the latest news about our companies. We are proud to serve our clients and our stakeholders the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma

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Virtual DNI Stakeholder Meeting on May 15th

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Delaware Nation Investments Announces Acquisition of Channel Blend

First Company Acquired Fosters Exciting New Opportunities Oklahoma City, April 28, 2020 –Delaware Nation Investments, headquartered in Oklahoma, is pleased to announce the planned acquisition of Channel Blend, LLC (Channel[…]

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