About DNI Emerging Technologies

DNI Emerging Technologies is a team of Data Scientists, Engineers, and Extreme Programmers solving the U.S. Government’s structured data problems with rapid product development and a blockchain-powered ecosystem which provides enterprise cybersecurity and data solutions exclusively to Government Enterprises.

Our team has the skills to provide strategic services as well as expertise in domains such as cybersecurity, network and infrastructure, data center, applications, and other advanced technologies that enable us to collaborate with other IT departments to effectively identify cybersecurity risks, prioritize risks, and mitigate those risks to keep systems safe and secure.

MVP as the Delivery Vehicle

1. Minimally Viable Product (net 90) 2. Minimally Marketable Product 3. Market Ready Product


Extreme Programming 1. Planning (4) Testing 2. Designing (5) Listening 3. Coding


Using cognitive computations and deep learning to prescribe credible coefficients with better accuracy for data-first problems.

100% Tribally-Owned by the Delaware Nation

Small Disadvantaged Business  |  Nationwide Support with some OCONUS Support  |  SBA 8(a) Certified

Core Capabilities

Our team brings strong experience, valuable expertise, and exceptional service. We stand ready to not only meet but exceed requirements and expectations through the following services:

Program & Project Management

IT Strategic Planning

Business Analysis Support

Life Cycle Management Support

IT Investment Management Support

Governance Support

Configuration Management Support

Technical Writing

Communications Support

Quality Management Support

First-Mover Advantage

With the combined features of active learning classification model and Self-Explanatory User Interface (SEUI).

High Commercial Market Demand

$1.6 billion by 2025 projected to register a CAGR of 26.9% from 2020 to 2027.

Faster Adoption

With a radically simplified man-to-machine user interface democratizing access to allow non-technical personnel to label data.

Growing Federal Market Demand

Projected to $1 billion in market size by 2023 following 43% year-over-year growth. All ML projects will require labeled data sets.

Services and Solutions

• Concept to TRL 5 Minimally Viable Product (MVP) Development

• Self-Learning Cyber AI Services (i.e. early threat detection)

• AI-Driven Correlation Applications using Blockchain Technology

• AI-Defined Cloud & Infrastructure Services

• Advanced Data Processing services using Deep Learning

• Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning (HIML)

• Deep Reinforcement Learning

• Emerging Analytic Frameworks and Algorithms (i.e. Prescriptive)

• Advanced Data Processing services using Deep Learning

• Unsupervised Behavior Profiling

• Generative Neural Network Engineering

• Customer Dialing Strategies

• Real-Time Lead Monitoring

• Dynamic Agent Scripts

• Quality Assurance

• Data Science

Headquarters Located in Oklahoma City, OK (OKC)

Jake Bedoka | LLC Manager, Program Manager Jake.Bedoka@DNIshines.com


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 2000 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 1650 Oklahoma City, OK 73106